The honour of having outstanding raw material also brings with it great responsibility. We believe that makes it worth stopping for a second to observe, listen, and feel. Our goal is to understand the magnitude of the natural wealth we are going to work with. The imperfect harmony of the stage before us is accompanied by a silence charged with a message.

Only the wind breaks through this silence, and it does so to offer us aromas faithful to the truth of the landscape. It is time to sink your hands into the fertile soil, which responds with a cool caress. Moisture is a constant. What we feel is a living land with much to offer. The rough textures of the vine are in start contrast to the soft skin of the treasure that it is capable of producing.

Every grape has a personality.



Godello is one of the most highly valued white varieties, due to its quality and scarcity, since it is only found in El Bierzo and a part of Galicia. The personality of the wines made from this white grape variety transmits the terroir of the area through floral, mineral, and ripe fruit aromas, such as apple and quince.

It is favoured by low fermentation temperatures and ageing on its fine lees, which makes Godello a unique, elegant, complex, and fresh wine.



El Bierzo and a part of Galicia are the only areas in the world where Mencía is present, a red variety with a short cycle and interesting organoleptic qualities that allow for the production of both young and crianza wines or wines aged in oak.

It is an aromatic variety in which red fruit, plum, and red currant aromas stand out, together with the character of its slatey terroir, which gives the wine minerality and complexity.

Doña Blanca


Doña Blanca is a medium-cycle white variety, native to El Bierzo region and not grown widely in Spain.

Its magic can be found in the perfect blend it makes with Godello, providing citrus, fennel, and lemon balm aromas, which improve with cold maceration and ageing on fine lees. These qualities make Doña Blanca a fascinating variety.

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