El Bierzo is the key point in El Camino of our winery.

Bodegas Godelia is located in El Bierzo, a unique landscape and exceptional environment for winemaking. Located in the northwest of Spain, El Bierzo is a region surrounded by mountains that forms a large valley cut through by the Sil River, with a wide array of soils and orientations in its vineyards. The richness of the soil, combined with the age of the vineyard, makes it a unique place to produce high quality wines.

Right on the Camino de Santiago, the winery is located on your route through El Bierzo. Literally. The French Way of Saint James goes past our front door. It is the exact point where the countdown to the last 200 km begins and the pilgrim’s final stage before arriving in Galicia. At the winery we are delighted to accompany you on this journey. This is not by chance, since El Camino brought with it a legacy to which the winery wants to pay tribute. This special location in El Bierzo has given the winery the self-satisfaction of carefully growing the native grape varieties: Mencía, Godello, and Doña Blanca. Our aim is always to transmit terroir, sensitivity, and elegance in our wines.

Godelia’s great virtue lies in the fact that it was born as a passion at the end of 2009. It is a love for nature that led the García Rodríguez family, the founders of the winery, to give an outlet to their enthusiasm for viticulture in El Bierzo. It is a dream come true, a winery in El Bierzo that creates value and a future for the region, a legacy through its wines. It’s about not being satisfied until you create a masterpiece, with a healthy amount of excitement, dedication, and effort. All this, to achieve excellence.

We are terroir, sensitivity, and elegance.

Our team

Talent, creativity, and a load of dedication.

A young, diverse, and highly qualified team that continues to pursue our goal of perfection. We’re not family, although we feel like one. Nor is it the world of wineries that has chosen us as responsible for perpetuating its existence. We are the ones who have chosen to dedicate our time to a great mission: to create a top quality wine whose very DNA reveals the passion with which it has been made.

Vicente García

The heart of the project and the one who defines our strategy. His passion for viticulture is the inspiration that drives this team.

Olga Verde

WINEMAKER tech@godelia.es

She is in charge of making the product a reality, from vine to glass. She imprints the essence of Godelia onto each wine.

Lucía Arias

lucia arias

She represents the winery internationally. Around the world she goes with a bottle of Godelia under her arm.

María José Alba

ADMINISTRATION info@godelia.es

She is the one who takes care of all of the winery’s administrative work, key to the success of any project.

Cristina Cascallana

WINE TOURISM visit@godelia.es

Cristina Cascallana

She is the one who makes all visitors enjoy a unique experience. She transmits the essence to everyone who makes a stop at our winery.

David Sánchez


He oversees work in the winery. He inspects every bottle before it reaches the end customer.

José Luis Lindoso


He lives the life of the vineyard and strives to obtain the best fruit. He treats each grapevine as if it were unique.

Ismael Granjo


He’s in charge of working with our greatest treasure, the vineyards. From pruning to harvesting, he works with the vines to extract the very best they have to offer.

Jonathan Vilor



He is in love with agriculture and enjoys every day in the vineyard, working hard to get the best of the grapes.


At Bodegas Godelia we know how important it is that our products be a benchmark due to their quality, and we are also committed to ensuring that all our activities are environmentally friendly. Our cornerstones are:

  • Commitment to El Bierzo region and recovering old vineyards, working closely with our suppliers, thus generating mutual trust and respect for our environment.
  • Sustainable viticulture, shying away from the use of systemic herbicides and phytosanitary products, maintaining plant cover on our soil and promoting a ‘living’ soil, as well as using our own research for pest control.
  • Our work in the winery is based on improving the quality of our products, making them in as safe, natural, and sustainable a way as possible to meet our customers’ expectations.
  • We invest a great deal of effort in training and motivating our staff to improve our processes, generating products with a marked personality and that are a true reflection of our region.
  • Caring for the environment is a priority for Bodega y Viñedos Godelia. This commitment materialises in reducing energy consumption, reducing the waste generated in our business, and reusing and recycling that waste whenever possible.
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