The only sweet Mencía in the world.
Produced only with the perfect combination of a series of conditions in the harvest. Hands down, Godelia’s most exclusive product. As for its pairing, Libamus is a lot of fun when it comes to creating harmonies in your kitchen. Try it with chocolate desserts and strong cheeses but also with game dishes. The results are incredible. A sweet wine from Mencía, which asks for a repeat glass after glass until the bottle is finished.

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Strict and meticulous selection of the overripe grapes in the vineyard. Manual harvest in 15 kg boxes. Thermal treatment of the grapes during the process at 5ºC. Manual sorting table. Gentle de-stemming and vinification in 30 hl stainless steel tanks. Cryomaceration at 5ºC for 10 days. Controlled fermentation at 20ºC. Fermentation stopped by cooling to 5ºC. Maceration with the skins 30 days.
Eight month crianza aged in 400 litre new fine grained French oak barrels.

Additional information

Weight 1,0 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 33 cm

100% Mencía.


Plants over 80 years old.


Mixture of fine elements, quartzite and slate.

Height above sea level

500 to 700m.


Eight month crianza aged in French oak barrels.

Tasting notes

Natural sweet wine that introduces us to an explosion of aromas and flavours that transmit all the concentration of the soil in its greatest expression. Made with the best Mencía grapes overripened on the plant, it transmits red fruit aromas with a mineral background and a perfect balance between sugars and acidity. In the mouth it is sweet, concentrated, fresh, and elegant with a velvety finish.


Consume at 15°C. We love it with dark chocolate and blue cheeses.

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