Vendimia 2017 - Bodegas Godelia


We understand winemaking as an art. In this way, we manage to amplify and refine the incredible natural qualities of each variety of grape that grows in our vineyards. The difficulty is not just to extract all the natural wealth of this land and put it into a bottle. For the work to be finished, the bottle must also have room to display the beautiful landscape of El Bierzo, the noble character of its people, and its centuries of history.

We believe that wine is made in the vineyard, so we are respectful of the extraordinary raw material we work with, intervening as little as possible to allow our varieties to express themselves naturally and honestly, telling us who they are, where they come from, and how they are.

The preparation of the wine is the last step in a process full of hard work and excitement. With it, we are able to leave our mark and our personality on the wines we make. We are aware of the value of the varieties and the vineyards we make our wines from so we are very strict about respecting the landscape, the terroir, and the grape variety, being honest with the origin of the grapes the wine has been made from. Our goal is to drink a little bit of El Bierzo in every sip.

The key to success in this complex process is the fruitful coexistence of traditional craftsmanship and the innovative contribution of fresh ideas from our constant research. Our final aim is to achieve excellence in the production of our wines.

The fruit of labour in a glass.
Latest vintages prepared.

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