Poetry in a glass

The fruit of meticulous work and careful attention is a wine that tells pleasant stories about a close bond, in harmony and with deep respect, between man and land. A beautiful land, El Bierzo, with exceptional qualities for wine craftsmanship.
From its humid slate soils, Godelia works to make the best version of its grape varieties sprout: Godello and Mencía. Two words that are essence and origin, identity and personality… the soul of the Winery.

Bodegas Godelia was founded to produce wines from EL Bierzo with the utmost honesty and expressiveness. In accordance with tradition, but with constant innovation as a maxim. We try to extract the greatest potential from the grapes we grow, their greatest expression. In addition to the wines which have traditionally been made in El Bierzo, we seek new opportunities for our grapes to express themselves in new and unique ways. The result is wines that tell stories about El Bierzo, its customs, its people, and its gastronomy.

The wines of El Bierzo are part of the land, of history, and of the future. The land is present in them through the nuances transmitted to them by the clay, pebble, and slate soils. The land is also present through the effort and care the vineyards have been worked with for generations, as a legacy or inheritance that is a family treasure.

El Bierzo’s wines are unique wines with personality, different, with high culinary potential. A wine tells the story of where it comes from and how it has been made, but it also tells us what the gastronomy of the region it comes from is. That is why we explore all the possibilities and make different wines to suit different situations, dishes, and moments. The key is to enjoy the moment and the company.

We make our wines as a way to enjoy El Bierzo, to feed the soul. A way to tell stories and share moments and feelings.

The Mencía grape is a unique variety that allows us to produce fresh and fruity wines as well as very complex and mineral wines. It is in the vineyard that Mencía forms its character. Age, soil, orientation, and work in the vineyard is the first step. This way we have the opportunity to produce wines with very different profiles, from Viernes to Libamus, including Godelia Mencía and Godelia Selección Mencía. Different versions of a single variety. All of them different, varietal, unique.

The Godello grape has always been the winery’s choice: its potential for making wines other than the traditional types is a value that we learned from the beginning as well as the possibilities that it offers for new productions. The Godello grape also depends on the vineyard in which it is grown, which is why the range of opportunities is extended with each different plot. For that reason we can produce such different and special wines. From Godelia Cuvée, like our Godelia Godello with Doña Blanca, to Godelia Selección Godello.

The wine is the result of our work, of our effort. It is the materialisation of a dream after each harvest. The final toast after the work we have done.

The best selection from our winery. Poetry in a glass.

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