An exciting mission begins

The honour of having outstanding raw material in our vineyards also brings with it great responsibility. We believe that makes it worthwhile to stop for a second to observe, listen, and feel. Our goal is to understand the magnitude of the natural wealth we are going to work with, the vineyards of El Bierzo. The imperfect harmony of the stage before us is accompanied by a silence charged with a message.

Only the wind breaks through this silence, and it does so to offer us aromas faithful to the truth of the landscape. It is time to sink your hands into the fertile soil, which responds with a cool caress. Moisture is a constant. What we feel is a living land with much to offer. The rough textures of the vine are in start contrast to the soft skin of the treasure that it is capable of producing.

There is a total of more than 40 hectares of vineyards distributed among several estates at different altitudes and orientations.



The Legúas estate sits on 30 ha on a single plot, which is rare in El Bierzo region. It has native varieties, Godello and Mencia, in trellises.

The plot has an east-west orientation and has its own special microclimate. In this way, we can understand the needs of each sub-plot and obtain low yields but with higher quality grapes.

SOIL: Slate, pebbles and quartzes, clay.

GRAPE: Godello and Mencía.



This is a very special estate: it could be taken as the first point of development and the beginning of El Bierzo. The estate, close to the ancient Celtic settlement that gives it its name, has five hectares of old Godello and Mencía vineyards, which we can obtain their maximum expression from thanks to their altitude and steep slope.

SOIL: Slate, pebbles and quartzes, clay.

GRAPE: Godello and Mencía.

Century-old slopes


One of the most important legacies of El Bierzo is its century-old vineyards on slopes with different grades, soils, and orientations, which is a reflection of the area’s complexity and uniqueness.

SOIL: Slate, pebbles and quartzes, clay.

GRAPE: Godello and Mencía.


The soils of our estates have the ideal capacity to extract the maximum potential from each grape variety and to produce unique wines that respect the area’s typical characteristics.



Slate soils provide minerality and acidity, protect the roots and keep humidity levels stable, which allows for very aromatic and high quality wines.

and quartzite


This type of soil is the one that best reflects the area’s personality as well as helping drainage and deep root expansion.



They store water and organic matter needed by the plant. We usually see it combined with sand in different proportions depending on the depth of the soil.

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